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Re: Algosz
ghostdmghostdm 30 May 2010 07:27
in discussion Programming / Program ideas » Algosz

Ti-83? 84? etc.

More info =p
Maybe I could help =)

Either way.. More info?

Re: Algosz by ghostdmghostdm, 30 May 2010 07:27
Matthias1992Matthias1992 14 May 2009 18:26
in discussion Programming / Program ideas » Algosz

Hello there!

I realize the summary might be rather intimidating or either disrupting, please note that insurance does not cover this altough I am very sorry for the ones who fainted in excitement….


Algosz Introduction

"What the hell is this?" you might think, let me tell. Algosz stand for Algo rhytm, the sz on the end just sounded cool and fits in a program name…once finished (if ever) it might contain the following

  • Rotation along X, Y and Z axis
  • Octa polygonial display
  • In-program calculus
  • Fast rendering
  • Shades (realtime)

hopefully even more but that is for fantasies just now…

Algosz by Matthias1992Matthias1992, 14 May 2009 18:26
Posting rules
 brt93yoda brt93yoda 14 May 2009 05:05
in discussion New members / Rules » Posting rules

At out forums pretty much anything is allowed, but without rules this place would be to hectic. So here are a few.

  • No spamming allowed… PERIOD.
  • Swearing is allowed, but please controll yourself.
  • Nothing illegal shall be posted and or linked in the discussions. Such as roms, p0rn, etcetera.
  • Do not flame other users. This will not be tolerated at all.

That's it. Happy posting!

-Brett Toomey
Master Admin

Posting rules by  brt93yoda brt93yoda, 14 May 2009 05:05
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