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This projected was started by: Matthias1992


CPP is an "Algorythm" originally designed to create 3D objects, the name CPP stands for Central point proccessing. CPP was ment to allow 3D objects to rotate and move along Y, X and Z axisses. The main idea of CPP is roughly as follows:

Your graph screen has a center point where both X and Y equal zero. So if I ask the length of a line of a line from the center point or ask the lenght of the line as a whole (which is then divided by 2) I can use that as a Y or X co-ord.
Just an Example:

Input "lenght",A

Hence we input 'Lenght' to be 3 then the code would be like this.

if you try this on your calculator you will see that this system works!
Lowerleft -A,-A
Lowerright A,-A
Upperleft -A,A
Upperleft A,A


This page gives an idea what Algosz is and what it is supposed to be, all data is open source and freely accesible, if you want to use data from here feel free to do so but give credit to Prestige programming. for more info visit Algosz

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